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Bernhard Zosso and Rolf Maurer

JHM Finanzmesse AG, the promoter of the Finanzmesse, is an affiliated company of BEVAG Better Value AG. BEVAG is one of the leading wealth and asset management companies focusing on fund investments and fund analysis.

Our conviction that investment funds are one of the most attractive and efficient ways of systematically growing assets has reinforced our efforts to promote the funds concept. And that's why, at the end of the 1990s, we decided to create FONDS', a fund fair that would act as a platform devoted to funds and investments. In 2013, ever keen to provide active support to similar initiatives, we staged an independent real estate event under the wider umbrella of the funds fair. In 2015 we then took the next logical step on the road to expansion, with the merger of the Structured Products Forum and the annual FONDS' event to create the combined FINANZ'15 fair. Since its launch, this financial fair has attracted considerably more than 160,000 visitors to Zurich, as well as more than 1,000 speakers from the worlds of politics and business – ranging from fund managers and academics to heads of state and Nobel Prize winners. That success has now encouraged us to develop FINANZ' even further along the path we have forged.

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