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Lisa Fischer

Senior Sales Associate

Lisa Fischer embarked on her career journey at BNP Paribas Niederlassung Deutschland, where she began her professional path as an expert in Options & Futures. In 2019, Ms. Fischer transitioned to Swissquote, one of Switzerland's leading online banking institutions. It was here that she not only became well-versed in traditional banking practices but also discovered her passion for crypto-assets. Pursuing her enthusiasm, Lisa Fischer undertook further education, earning the Certified Crypto Financial Expert (CCFE) credential, which deepened her knowledge and expertise in the field.
In August 2021, Ms. Fischer made the decision to contribute to the convergence of the cryptocurrency realm with the established financial world. She now serves as a Senior Sales Associate at 21Shares, the world's pioneering crypto ETP (Exchange-Traded Product) issuer. This move showcases her commitment to bridge the gap between the world of crypto and the existing financial landscape.



Wednesday, 24.04.2024, 10:30 Seminarraum 3

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