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Information regarding the programme (speakers, topics, etc.) will already be published on LinkedIn or Twitter before February. Follow us!

Here you can find the programme and speakers of FINANZ'23:

> Programme 2023
> Speakers 2023

The financial fair and its programme is only open to professional investors.
The programme consists of various roundtables and specialist panels and lectures, which provide exciting insights and discussions:


Since 1999 keynotes out of economy, finance, politics, science and media are represented at the programme:
> Keynote History

A highlight of the previous FINANZ’23 was the keynote speech of Sergio P. Ermotti, CEO of UBS, on the topic “Future of the Swiss Financial Centre”.


Experts from the world of economy, politics and financial industry meet for a high-profile roundtable discussion to exchange their views on current issues.

The following topics were discussed at the FINANZ'23:
- Sind die Zentralbanken für die nächste Krise vorbereitet?
- Globalisierung vs. Re-Nationalisierung: Was kommt als Nächstes?
Energiestrategie, wie weiter?

Specialist Panels

The promoter organises various panels with competent experts.
Various specific financial topics are presented and discussed by experts.
They offer numerous opportunities to obtain in-depth information on specific themes.

Training Seminars

In addition to the attractive programme, FINANZ’23 will again offer training seminars for professionals, organized by specialist financial associations (ASAM, CFA, SFAA, VQF, VSV and ZHAW).

Presentations by exhibitors

Talks are given by exhibitors in various areas. These give the interested visitor product and specialist information in greater detail.

Open Forum Crypto

Topics related to crypto, blockchain, fintech and banking will be discussed in the Open Forum.

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