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Discover insights into the dynamic world of finance straight from our Finance Fair. We offer visual recordings of all expert panels, including the Open Forum Crypto Panels and selected exhibitor presentations. These recordings will be published on YouTube after the event for a wider audience. Our theme-based discussions provide in-depth analysis of current trends and challenges in the financial industry.

Our specialist panels cover key areas such as fixed income, fund analysis, private equity, alternative investments, hedge funds, risk management, ESG and other topics across a range of financial products.

For those who want to be at the forefront of the technological revolution, our Open Forum covers digital assets, cryptocurrencies, the use of AI/AI in finance, fintech trends, bitcoin and blockchain topics.

Our exhibitor presentations will explore other aspects, highlight investment strategies, introduce new ETF strategies and products, discuss their pros and cons, and offer a transparent look at how fund managers select assets and invest in value or growth stocks.

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