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Image of Sabine Döbeli

Sabine Döbeli

CEO, Swiss Sustainable Finance

Sabine Döbeli has worked in the field of sustainable finance for over 20 years in different roles. She is the CEO of Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF), an organization that was established under her lead in 2014 with the objective of making Switzerland a leading voice and actor in sustainable finance.
Previously, she was Head of Corporate Sustainability Management at Vontobel where she was responsible for the sustainability strategy at group level and sustainable investment services in asset management. At Zürcher Kantonalbank she built up the sustainability research unit within the financial research department and contributed to the launch of various sustainable investment products.
Sabine holds a Masters in Environmental Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich and a post-graduate degree in business administration and marketing at the University of Basel. She is a member of the Advisory Committee on International Cooperation of the Swiss Federal Council (BK IZA) to the Swiss Government, of the research advisory council of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and of the advisory councils of the Sustainable Digital Finance Alliance (SDFA) as well as of Stiftung Drittes Millenium.
Swiss Sustainable Finance
Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) strengthens Switzerland as a leading voice and actor in sustainable finance by informing, educating and catalysing growth. SSF’s vision is to make Switzerland a leading center in sustainable finance offering growth opportunities for the Swiss economy while benefitting society at large.
The association, founded in 2014, has representation in Zurich, Geneva and Lugano. Currently SSF unites over 150 members and network partners from financial service providers, investors, universities and business schools, public sector entities and other interested parties.



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