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Image of Christophe Hefti

Christophe Hefti

Executive Director, Head Fondcenter and Global Head Business Dev. & Client Relationship Management

Christophe Hefti is Head Fondcenter and Global Head Business Development & Client Relationship Management at Fondcenter AG within UBS Asset Management. In this function, he is responsible for all client relationships and business development worldwide. He also represents UBS Asset Management on the SFAMA Distribution & Marketing specialist committee.

Before taking on this position, Christophe had worked in a wide range of functions within UBS Asset Management since 2003. He headed the distribution of UBS investment funds to banks, insurance companies and other financial intermediaries in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and was responsible for the international distribution of platform services. Before being appointed as the Head of Fondcenter AG, Christophe also worked as the Head of the 3rd Party Wholesale Switzerland unit on a temporary basis.



Wednesday, 22.01.2020, 11:00 Seminarraum II

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