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Referat BlueBay Asset Management AG

Investing in ‘real’ value — how intangible assets influence equity returns long-term: equity leader presentation

Wednesday, 03. May 2023, 15:30 - 16:10 UHR

Seminarraum 1


Speaker(s): Kilian Niemarkt

Kilian Niemarkt

Kilian Niemarkt

Client Portfolio Manager, Global Equities, RBC Bluebay Asset Management

Kilian is a client portfolio manager on the Global Equities team at RBC GAM in London. Prior to joining RBC in 2021, he was a manager in the Investment Analysis unit at a leading U.S. investment firm covering Japanese and Emerging Market equities. Kilian started his career in the investment industry in 2016 as an analyst at a London-based investment management company, where he was responsible for a global long/short equity portfolio and was also a member of the investment committee.

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