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Image of Markus Diem

Markus Diem

Editor-in-Chief Handelszeitung

Before becoming Editor-in-Chief of the Handelszeitung, Diem Meier worked for 12 years at the «Tages-Anzeiger» - including as Head of the Economics and Business Department and as Chief Economist. At «Finanz und Wirtschaft» he was deputy editor-in-chief and he has worked for publications such as «Facts», «BILANZ», «Handelszeitung» and «Weltwoche». Diem Meier has published three books on economic topics and taught economics as a part-time lecturer for 19 years - mainly at the Bern and Kalaidos Universities of Applied Sciences. He studied economics and economic history at the University of Zurich and graduated with a Master of Arts. He also holds a Certificate of Advanced Sciences in Finance from the Universities of Basel and Zurich.



Wednesday, 03.05.2023, 13:00 Seminarraum 5 (mit Video)

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