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Referat MFM Mirante Fund Management

Quantitative Tools for active management of Convertible Bond Funds

Donnerstag, 28. April 2022, 15:30 - 16:10 UHR

Seminarraum 5 (mit Video)


Referent(en): Frank Crittin

Frank Crittin

Frank Crittin

Chief Investment Officer and Partner, MFM Mirante Fund Management SA

Frank Crittin is Chief Investment Officer and Partner at MFM - Mirante Fund Management SA. He is responsible for overall investments as well as the macroeconomic strategy. He is a convertible bonds investment team member for the MFM Global Convertible Defensive and MFM Global Convertible Opportunities, two long-only strategies. In addition, he has launched and manages the MFM global multi-asset funds. Its objective is to optimize risk-return through diversification by having exposure to a wide range of assets. Frank Crittin has over 14 years of experience in the fund management industry and holds a doctorate in Mathematics from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.