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Referat Quaero Capital SA

Infrastructure investing, an ESG approach

Wednesday, 27. April 2022, 10:30 - 11:10 UHR

Seminarraum 1


Speaker(s): Mr. Jean Keller

  • Infrastructure investment is by nature long term and with an outsize influence on the sustainability of our future; these are assets that we will likely last for decades. Companies that manage ESG risks and opportunities well will have a significant impact on the goal of a more sustainable global economy.
  • There are three elements to consider, all of which are highly important in infrastructure investment
    1. The impact of the company on the environment and society
    2. The management of the environmental and social risks and opportunities on the company
    3. Good governance with sufficient consideration of environmental and social impacts
  • Infrastructure assets are subject to significant public scrutiny, which means any controversial event can put the company’s social license to operate in question. The Ponte Morandi bridge collapse in Italy is a good example of this, and the impact it had on Atlantia.
  • Contrary to other more simple investment universes, investing with an ESG philosophy in infrastructures requires considering a wide range of factors, from natural footprint to broad governance issues.
Mr. Jean Keller

Mr. Jean Keller


Jean Keller joined Quaero Capital SA in 2011 as CEO.

Prior to joining Quaero Capital SA, Jean Keller was CEO of 3A (Alternative Asset Advisors), the alternative investment division of banking group SYZ in Geneva. From when he joined 3A in 2005, the group grew significantly from around USD 1bn to over USD 4bn at its peak. Jean Keller was also responsible for the development of the group in Asia, with the purchase of Oria Capital in Hong Kong.

Before joining the SYZ group, Jean Keller spent 11 years assuming various responsibilities within the Lombard Odier Group in Geneva, New York and London. From 2002 to 2004, he was CEO of Lombard Odier Asset Management Ltd in London and a member of the group's Management Committee. He also co-headed Lombard Odier's institutional asset management division and sat on the Asset Management Board.

From 1988 to 1992, he was Investment Manager and Investment Analyst with Baring Asset Management in London and Hong Kong, where he was involved in the management of various mutual and institutional funds.

Jean Keller holds a Degree in International Relations from the University of Geneva and a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania, with a major in Finance.

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