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Referat Precision Solutions LCC

Active Cyber Security

Wednesday, 27. April 2022, 16:00 - 16:40 UHR



Speaker(s): Mr Paul Heneghan, Mr. Isaac Jones, Mr. Mark Lavine

We will talk briefly about active cyber defense and the impacts it will have on the finance industry in the near future. 

Mr Paul Heneghan

Penetration Tester / IT Security Consultant

Paul is a UK based consultant with global client experience across multiple sectors including Government, Military, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Policing, and more who has provided services within our various areas of cyber security: penetration testing, red-teaming, information security consulting, risk assessment, reverse engineering, malware analysis, vulnerability research and more.  Paul has been recognised by the industry as expert in finding previously unidentified vulnerabilities in commercial systems and products (known as 0-day or zero-day vulnerabilities) over 75 times.

Penetration testers conduct assessments for organisations to identify risk and enable everyday function using technology but with the assurance that threats are identified and dealt with appropriately as per industry best practice and local compliance objectives where appropriate. Where necessary we can suggest or provide solutions to help achieve objectives and reduce their exposure to issues that may cause harm to their organisation.  Our risk mitigation strategies include detailed technical response to enable issues to be dealt with in a timely fashion.

Mr. Isaac Jones

Security Consultant

Mr. Mark Lavine

Chief Executive Officer, Precision Solutions LCC

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